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Virus' and Anti-virus'

What is a virus? A virus is a program designed to cripple a computer. It has basically three parts to it. Infection Mechanism, Trigger and Payload. Infection Mechanism is the way the virus gets on to the computer and spreads. This can be done through documents or even going to a bad web site. At this point the virus is sleeping or dormant. Next is the Trigger, what causes the virus to wake up and run. There are various ways to Trigger a virus. Just opening a file that is infected with it can Trigger it. Starting a certain program that is infected or even a date and time can cause it to Trigger. I had a virus once, that once you played and beat two different computer games, it would Trigger the virus. Once it is Triggered it gives off what is called the Payload. Payloads vary from virus to virus. It can deliver what is called a hoax virus, like turning your computer screen upside down or reverse the image, it has even been known to switch the mouse buttons around. It can be a replicating virus. This virus copies itself in the memory continuously till the system slows down or locks up. It can also copy itself on the hard drive, causing the system to slow down, lock up and or crash. It can also erase files off of the hard drive, this is a destructive virus. From documents, pictures and videos to operating system files, causing the system to crash and be unusable. There are anti-virus programs out there to combat these viruses. AVG, Avast, Bitdefender and Kaspersky. The first three are free and are usually listed in the top 5 of anti-virus programs. Kaspersky is a pay anti-virus program, but is very good. Any of these four programs will keep you safe, as long as you keep them updated.

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