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Department of Florida
Marine Corps League
George LaMont, Commandant

Eagle Scouts Program

The Marine Corps League has long regarded the program of the Boy Scouts of America as in support of the Preamble of the Constitution of the Marine Corps League. The Marine Corps League supports the Boy Scouts of America as they promote the family values to America's youth. The Marine Corps League will endeavor to establish, strengthen and expand its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America and support mutually beneficial programs. Every scout who reaches the rank of Eagle Scout will be presented a citizenship award & medal. The ceremony is usually held in conjunction with his local troop's Court of Honor ceremony.

When the Scout has determined the date, time and location that the Court of Honor or Gold Award presentation is to take place, they may then contact the Detachment Scout Coordinator using this form. The information contained in the form for the Scout Coordinator will assist in contact and coordination for the presentation, and to include the proper listing and spelling of the Scout’s name, as it should appear on the certificate. This award is presented on a voluntary basis, thus the decision to have this award presented to the Eagle Scout or Gold Award Scout is totally up to the Scout and their family. 30 days notice is necessary for presentation of the certificate (exceptions can be made on a case-by case basis).

An Eagle Scout enlisting in the Marines; showing his Eagle Scout Certificate upon enlisting, will be given the rank of PFC and hold this rank throughout boot camp. The boot camp time (3 months) is considered time in rank (grade) - getting his strips upon graduation. Not that we are Recruiting for the Corps, but getting information out there for those who are thinking of enlisting and their parents.

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